Enviro-Hub Holdings Ltd


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Enviro-Hub Holdings Ltd ("Enviro-Hub") is one of the largest providers of Total Environmental Management Solutions & Services for the Global Electrical & Electronic Equipment industries. The Group provides a whole spectrum of services such as management and recycling of electronic waste ("e-waste"), extracting & refining Platinum Group Metals, melting and refining of Copper, recovery and processing of ferrous & non-ferrous metals & chemicals, recycling of engineering plastics and recycling of other waste plastics by conversion to fuel.

In 2007, Enviro-Hub acquired the balance 36.3% of Cimelia Resource Recovery Pte Ltd making it a 100% owned subsidiary. The acquisition enables Enviro-Hub to consolidate and integrate all its electronic recycling businesses to achieve operational synergies, greater economies of scale and eliminate interested party transactions.

The commencement of commercial operations of the Group's copper melting and refining plant during the financial year further consolidated our Group's operations and extended the Group's range of services.

The Group also proudly announced the successful completion of its Plastic-to-Fuel Pilot Plant, clearing the way for us to build the world's first commercially viable facility that converts waste mixed plastics into industrial fuels. Once completed, this plant will be the world's first commercial plastic to fuel plant and the Group has the exclusive rights to market and sell similar plants worldwide.

Enviro-Hub now provides, amongst others:

  1. Recovery and refining of Platinum Group Metals;
  2. Recovery and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
  3. Melting and refining of Copper;
  4. Recycling of engineering plastics; and
  5. Recycling of waste plastics by conversion to fuel.

The group now possesses a seamless value-creation chain in the provision of Total Environment Management Solutions & Services. Leveraging on respective subsidiaries' capabilities, Enviro-Hub is better poised to serve the Global Electrical & Electronic Equipment industries. The Enviro-Hub brand is now at the threshold of the next level.